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I am an Aussie living just south of Sydney and a full time internet marketer.

I have a hospitality background and spent all of my working life cooking in kitchens, managing staff in hospitals and also owning and running my own mobile cafe.

I first got into online marketing several years ago and have had several businesses including an offline consulting business where I mentored and coached brick and mortar traditional business owners to utilize the internet to get more leads and sales. I still do a little bit of this work but my main focus is creating Information products and courses. I find that I am able to help a lot more people when I create products than I can on an individual bases of one on one coaching.

I also sold traffic for a short while as I had my own solo ad business. This was very profitable but I lost my passion in this business and let’s face it why do something if you no longer enjoy it.

It took me a long time to get my business to the stage where I could just do this full time and the reason for this was a lack of focus. If there is one tip I can share it is to find something that excites you and stick to that until you make it a success. I wasted a lot of money on different programs and products that are just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing so if you are just starting or you are finding yourself suffering from Shiny object syndrome just stop. Pick one thing that you have purchased and make that work.

The most important decision I have made this year is to get a mentor that had an awesome track record and also his students are successful as well. I joined John Thornhill at the end of 2016 because of the success some of his students have had. Students such as Omar Marin, Michael Cheney and a host of others. Just recently 4 of his students were on the leaderboard in the same week. This speaks volumes. I have paid for coaching before and have learnt so much. I believe that we should be always developing ourselves. Johns system teaches you, among other things, how to create products, find jv partners to promote them and set me up so that I can just keep helping people with my products. By the end of 2017 I would like to have 10 products launched with Johns help.

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