How to Start a Blog using Bluehost and WordPress

Starting a Blog can often be intimidating as most people think you need to be some kind of genius coder but this is far from the truth.

We have come a long way in the last few years and in todays world you just need to click a few buttons and your blog is up and running and waiting for you to add content.

I have had several blogs in my career is all sorts of niche markets, I first started using the Blogger platform which is owned by Google. It was pretty easy but I could never get it to look quite the way I wanted to. I kept hearing about people using wordpress but as soon as the word installing was mentioned my brain would turn off and say too hard can’t do that.

It wasn’t until I joined a coaching program and  I had no option I had to get the blog up and running. Lucky for me there were some pretty nifty video tutorials and it was not even scary at all. I now have quite a few wordpress blogs that are making me money on autopilot and so I wanted to do this post for you so you too can see that starting a blog is not hard at all.

Let’s take a look at what we will need.

So let’s Start from Scratch. What is Hosting


Now let’s take a look about How Domains Work

Now how does a Website actually work?

How to Start a Blog with Bluehost Hosting

Starting a Blog with Bluehost is really cost effective, it only costs a small amount each month and if you pay for a whole year you can also get a free Domain name. When selecting your domain name it is ideal to have something that will be relevant to the content you will be using. If you are branding yourself then you can use like I have above. If your blog is going to be in a different niche then you would choose something relevant to the subject you would be blogging about. Make sure it is something that is easy to remember and also easy to type into a browser.

To find out which sort of Niches you can choose from take a look at this post.

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Pick you Plan

You can select a plan as low as $3.95 a month and this will let you set up quite a few domains and subdomains. They also have hosting plans available in cloud hosting.

Once you have chosen your plan it is now time to decide on a domain name. I always suggest that you should register your own name as a domain as this way you can brand yourself and then you are not tied down to any one particular program to promote. Once you have your primary domain you can add other domains to this hosting.


OK so now we have our domain and our hosting set up it is time to install WordPress.  Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to install WordPress.


Ok Our blog is installed. Now we will take a walkthrough so you can see how wordpress works


We are now going to run through how to start our very first Page


Now we have our pages set up lets start posting

OK so now you have your blog set up and now you are ready to start posting articles and videos.



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