The Importance of Story telling in your Business

The point of story telling is to engage your visitors and customers and put them in a place where they can see that what you are doing or selling is quite possible for them to do. We are creating a situation that they can relate to and be engaged with.

Here is an excerpt from Ants post

Developing a high level of emotional engagement with your audience, and using this to sell your products and services online .. is crucial to any online business.

This is particularly the case for those based on selling your own digital content.

I wonder if you have you ever received an email, blog post or marketing message, where the writer draws you in?

Where they weave such a tale that you can’t resist but find out what happens next – and read the entire message so that you do?

When this happens, it is likely that the marketer is using the power of storytelling to build a rapport with you.

Getting this level of engagement in your mails and posts is difficult to achieve in other ways. Because, whether we realise it or not, we all like a story.

It starts from childhood, and continues throughout our life ..

.. and harnessing this basic instinct to develop relationships with your customers, could become an important element in your online business .. read more

I have found this a great video series that teaches effective story telling. Check it out here


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