Types of Affiliate Marketing that Baby Boomers Love

Almost every product and service on the internet has the potential to have an affiliate program. If you are on a website and you scroll to the bottom sometimes there is a link on the bottom of the page that will take you to their affiliate program.

Some of the affiliate sites that are more common are




Share a Sale


Commission Junction to name a few.

Here is a video that shows you how to select products from Clickbank



When you first start it can be very tempting to promote everything you like nut this is a sure way to not succeed. You see if you try to promote too many products your efforts will get watered down.

A niche can be very big and broad and you will get lost in the crowd.

Choose your niche and then select an area that is a sub-niche. So say you are concentrating on weight loss, you can choose a sub-niche such as weight loss for menopausal women. This way you have a target market who also have a pain that they want to find a solution for.

It may be hard to stay focussed as you will be tempted when you hear about others making money using this niche and that niche but if you start to jump around your focus will be watered down. Have you heard about the fox that tried to chase two rabbits? He came home empty handed but the fox that chased one had a rabbit to feed his family.

What Types of Products Can You Sell

Digital Products

There are many types of products you can sell. Digital products are probably the most popular among Internet Marketers.  Many use Review Blogs where they may make a video interviewing the creator of the product and then review the product themselves. They then send the viewer off to their affiliate link using a call to action.

Digital products can include simple ebooks or complete tutorial courses. Apps are also included in this category

Physical Products 

Physical products such as Books, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances. Perhaps the best affiliate program for this is Amazon. They have a Partner Program rather than an affiliate program

Another Site that I absolutely love that you can design your own products or sell their products as an affiliate is Gearbubble. You can use this platform to create and sell your own products or you can be an affiliate for other peoples products

Here are some of the products you can make designs for

You can visit Gearbubble here or check out their pinterest page here https://au.pinterest.com/source/gearbubble.com/


TShirt Affiliate Programs 

I found a great run down of tshirt affiliate program from a site called Best TShirts Ever – Here is the link to their original post  https://www.best-tshirts-ever.com/list-of-the-best-t-shirt-affiliate-programs/


Affiliate Commission: 10% per sale
RedBubble is a print on demand site that has attracted a massive user base, therefore you’ll find designs on just about any theme or topic you search for. Any designer can join RedBubble and start selling tees. Consider the RedBubble affiliate program a must-join.
Join the RedBubble affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network


Affiliate Commission: 10% per sale
DesignByHumans is a t-shirt design competition site. It also has a large user base and often has themed competitions depending on what’s trending. It’s less of a free for all compared to Red Bubble so there is less in terms of quantity but that means the standards are kept very high.
Join the DesignByHumans affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network

T-Shirt Bordello

Affiliate Commission: 20% per sale
A great site for sci-fi, geek, horror, gamer and pop culture tees. Awesome design and print quality. Generous commission rate.
Join the T-Shirt Bordello affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network


Affiliate Commission: 20% per sale
Tilteed sell both limited editions and a range of always available tees. Featuring lots of quirky, big, bright, artsy designs and a generous affiliate commission rate.
Join the Tilteed affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network

Snorg Tees

Affiliate Commission: $5 per sale
Lots of geek and pop culture reference tees to choose from. New additions often and nice clean designs. Converts well and has a nice $5 per sale commission payout.
Join the Snorg Tees affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network

Busted Tees

Affiliate Commission: 12% per sale
Features lots of pop culture, TV, movie, meme style designs. Also has a deal of the day and sale section.
Join the Busted Tees affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network


Affiliate Commission: $5 per sale
Lots andlots of pop culture tees. Looking for some tees from a specific TV show or movie? They’re bound to have it. Nice $5 per sale affiliate commission.
Join the DeezTeez affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network

80s Tees

Affiliate Commission: 18% per sale
Anything and everything TV show, movie, comic book, pop culture. Lots of vintage look stuff.
Join the 80s Tees affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network

Super Hero Stuff

Affiliate Commission: 10% per sale
Pretty much all in the name. Lots and lots of super hero themed tees.
Join the Super Hero Stuff affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network


Affiliate Commission: 15% per sale
Cafepress is another free-for-all print on demand site. Quality of design is extremely varied.
Join the CafePress affiliate program via ShareASale Affiliate Network


Affiliate Commission: 7% per sale
ThinkGeek is the destination for all things nerdy and geeky. They have a pretty great range of t-shirts. The only downside is the low commission rate. The ThinkGeek affiliate program is administered by Commission Junction.
Join the ThinkGeek Affiliate Program here.


Affiliate Commission: 10% per sale
Jinx is also a gaming and nerd t-shirt site, however they specialize more and more in licensed designs. Such as Diablo, Minecraft, Portal etc.
Join the JiNX affiliate program here.
Don’t forget, when choosing which affiliate programs to join don’t let commission rate be the main deciding factor. If you do well enough you can often negotiate higher commissions. We hope this has been of assistance. Good luck earning those affiliate commissions!



This site does not have an affiliate program but it is very easy to set up your own designed tshirts


What is your favourite affiliate program? I would love to hear your success story. What Niche have you had success?

Leave me a comment and let me know



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