Does Affiliate Marketing work for Baby Boomers?

I am a baby boomer and have been marketing online for quite some time. I often get people ask me how they can use the internet to make some extra money or they could just be asking how they can turn their spare time into cash.

I proceed to talk to them about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Many people start with affiliate marketing because they do not have their own products and they do not have to worry about holding any stock or even worry about customer support because the vendor ( the person who owns the product) does all of the heavy lifting.  So we can safely say that affiliate marketing is easy to get into but like anything to do with internet marketing, there are certain things you need to know to be successful.

Let’s look at the different parties involved in affiliate marketing

Firstly there is the Product Creator or seller. They are responsible for, Yes you guessed it creating and selling the product.

Product Vendors would not be able to reach a large audience all on their own so they set up an affiliate program either on their own or using one of the big Affiliate Platforms such as or Clickbank. This allows people to find their products and also apply to be an affiliate. There are several others which I will feature in a later article.

Now the seller has the job of finding people that will be interested in buying the products.

After the sale Everybody is Happy

The Vendor is happy because he has sold his product, made some money and gained a new fan

You (the affiliate) is happy because you sold a product and made some money

The Customer is happy because they have purchased a product they need from someone they know

Why is Affiliate Marketing the perfect Business Model for Baby Boomers

Let’s take a look at the reasons why the affiliate marketing model is great for Baby Boomers

Some people may think that baby boomers are not internet savvy

Baby Boomers and seniors now spend more time online than watching television, according to a report by Ipsos and Google.

On average, seniors and Boomers (defined in the report as those age 45 or older) spend 19 hours a week online, but they spend 16 hours watching television. Their online usage also far outpaces time spent listening to the radio and reading newspapers/magazines.

As you can see Baby boomers are spending more time online so this also makes them a great target audience for your Affiliate Marketing products.

Baby Boomers have had a life of growing children, travelling the world and also have probably had one or two jobs in their lifetime so this gives them real life experience. Have you ever heard the saying that facts tell but stories sell, Baby boomers have a lifetime of stories to adapt to help sell affiliate products. If not their own then stories from their friends and families.

Baby Boomers are patient and usually have some spare time on their hands that they are able to commit to learning and implementing an Affiliate marketing business.

There are many different strategies that Baby Boomers can take and I will be using this blog to expand on this subject.

I would love you to comment on whether or not you are a Baby Boomer and if you actually do Internet marketing. If you are not a baby boomer are they part of your marketing audience. Love your feedback



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