Time is an Illusion and my Epiphany

Have you ever read the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy? It is a quirky little book that I think had a very long radio series that ran for quite a while and has been turned into a tv series and a movie. One of the sayings in that book was Time is an Illusion Lunch time doubly so.

I have found that time is an illusion and especially for me when I decide to sink myself into something and then wander off in my usual distraction.

Another Saying from the HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy is Don’t Panic this I am promising myself I will not do.

Why would I want to Panic???

Well for one I started Johns Partner to Success program all gung ho and moved through the modules very quickly asking the coaches to open up modules before I would get the email from John each week. This week I am up to week 12 and I do not believe I have not focussed on this for maybe 4 weeks.

It is not that product creation scares me as I have created products before. The problem is I never know which area to create a product in. There are so many. I always think and have been told I need proof that whatever I create needs to work.

I have been doing so many things online and as is common I lack focus.

I had an Epiphany the last day or so and something major shifted and now I have clarity on what direction I am taking.

I am talking about 10 years of Fluffing about online and today I said I know where I am needed.

I can help a heap of people

It doesn’t matter that there might be 1000 other courses out there teaching what I am going to teach. They are not by me and there is a tribe of people out there that need me. So today I have ceased to panic and I have planned out my new Business. Yes I said Business another mindset change.

So stick around and watch me fly.

Join me ionn the rest of my journey and let me help you also become successful


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