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Engaging Your Audience, Growing Your Boards By Running Contests

Published on July 30, 2015 by in Direct Selling

Today we are going to jump right in and talk about engaging your
audience, growing your boards by running contests.

As we well know the purpose of Pinterest is to allow people to “pin”
photos they find on the internet or upload from their computers to their virtual pinboard’s. This powerful social network makes it easy for anyone to organize collections, share ideas and even product pictures, so that consumers can find and share them with others.

To ensure that you are engaging your audience and growing your
boards you can do several things, including launching a Pinterest
contest. Running a pinning contest can be a great way to promote
your pins, boards and especially your business.

There are many types of contests you can run on Pinterest including
“pin it to win it,” “best photo contest” or “re-pin/like contest.” The first thing to consider is what type of contest you’re going to run?

– Will it be a good fit for your business?
– Will it help raise brand awareness and engage consumers?
– What type of prizes will you give away?
– How long is it going to last?

It’s important to have a good idea of what results you would like to
achieve by running the contest. This will help you prepare properly and achieve your goals effectively.

Now let’s go over a few different types of contests you can run:

– Pin To Win Contest

Is this where you have your contestants create a board specifically
dedicated to your contest. On this board you will instruct them to pin specific images. They can be photos of your products or images
related to a certain theme topic. The most creative board wins.

Kraft Food’s recently did this in their “Pin It To Win It” recipe contest.

This is a very good example of how to run a popular contest on

You can find the entries by doing a search on Pinterest with the term
#kraftrecipes (notice how they used the hashtag) or by going to:
The contest is over now, but you can still use it as an example.

– Photo Contest

This is where your contestants pin images of themselves actually using your products in a creative way. Then you have your site visitors and other pinner’s vote on the most creative images. The contestant with the most votes wins.

– Repining Contest

This is where contestants are asked to repin specific images and write descriptions using specific hashtags. This type of contest can help jumpstart the viral nature of your pins by utilizing Pinterest’s ‘repin’ feature as a means to enter. It can also be the most effective in building brand awareness, because the winner will be the follower who repins the most.

– Comment Contest

This is one of the simplest types of contests to run. This is where
contestants are asked to leave comment on a specific pin. You can
have them include the hashtag or answer a question and the most
informative comment will win. This type of contest is quick, easy and
allows anyone to enter. Not to mention, generates a lot of interest.

Here are a few quick tips that will help ensure your contest will be a big success:

– When getting ready for your contest be sure to post clear, easy to
follow rules for your contestants.

– Include a start and end date for your contest.

– Monitor every phase of your contest carefully. Keep track of entries to
ensure everyone is entering correctly and not breaking the rules.

– Give a prize that your contestants will really want to work for to win. To

– Consider giving first, second and consolation prizes to your finalists.

– Make it’s easy to enter. A social media contest should be simple and not require lengthy forms or mail-ins to enter. This will only deter people from participating.

As of now, Pinterest doesn’t have any formal rules pertaining to running contests or sweepstakes, but before you begin your contest you want to make sure that you are complying with your state’s rules and regulations regarding sweepstakes.

If you decide that running a contest on Pinterest will be a good fit for your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start you can always visit the site and look at ongoing contests from other Pinterest users.

This way you can watch what works and what doesn’t so that you can
plan your own contest more effectively.

TIP: Use the search term “#contest”

Truly, there’s no doubt that you can use Pinterest to help promote brand awareness, create buzz and attract more customers, so why not make it fun by hosting your own Pinterest contest.

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Eight Steps At Boosting Your Facebook Ads

Published on July 28, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Facebook has become a very influential social networking site and with it comes a new range of techniques and applications for your business, and most of them are free. Making use of some or all of the tools discussed below can increase your online presence significantly. These applications are just examples, and there may be more aps available for you.

1. Connect the Twitter app to your Facebook page. When you do, your tweets will automatically become your status updates (or vice versa). In order to make someone a “fan” of your business page, you can offer them something worthwhile. Use the many Facebook aps to give away eBooks, free coupons, or anything downloadable.

2. Import email addresses through Facebook. In order to make Facebook even more popular, Facebook allows its users to import email addresses of those who haven’t already signed up. You can also do this with your mailing list to gain more fans or friends.

3. Engage your fans or prospective fans in some interesting activities. Start a contest or a game and you’ll most likely attract many followers. Doing this is pretty simple because there are hundreds of Facebook applications you can use.

4. Add static FBML tabs to your Facebook fan page. Use this to customize your page with your desired images and content. Although you may hire someone with technical knowledge to do this for you, it is worth it,considering how many potential consumers will be attracted to viewing a brand that is uniquely yours.

5. Think carefully of what name to use in your business page. If you have not yet set up your page or registered your page name, think carefully of what name to use. There may be some keywords that need to be included in the title. For instance, if you’re operating your business in New York then it would be beneficial to use this in your page name or title. Or if you’re a web developer consider if it will be crucial to use it in your page title along with your business name. This is one great way you can optimize your business both in Facebook searches and in search engines. Think on how people can find you on Facebook? Will they search for your product or your location or your trading name? If at all possible, make your own research on what words people use when searching for your product or service, remember that what you put in now cannot be changed later.

6. Get a unique Facebook URL. Facebook gives its users this unique Facebook URL once their Facebook fan page has gained at least 25 fans. Claiming this Facebook URL will allow you to promote your Facebook page offline without any difficulty.

7. Use apps such as NetworkedBlogs in order to link your Facebook Fan Page to your blogs. This will provide your fans an unending stream of news and information about your product and save your time.

8. Motivate your fans to like your posts. The first thing that your fans see after they log on to Facebook is their wall news feeds. If you urge them to “like” or engage with your posts, their friends will see it on their walls and they may do the same thing and this may even cause your page to grow viral. Persuasive content only requires some extra effort while considering about your update.

So there you have it, eight steps to boost your Facebook marketing campaign. Try some of these steps right now and start attracting potential customers to your business.

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Pinterest for Business – Effective Tactics for Building your Brand on Pinterest

Published on July 26, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Before websites were used to market different kinds of brands, business owners relied on magazines, brochures, and other forms of print media advertising that allowed them to post images and articles of their products. However, this was very expensive and it didn’t guarantee that their content would be read by their customers, nor was there any guarantee that the customers would buy the magazine they are featured in. Back in the days, the more popular a magazine was, the more expensive it was to get featured.

Of course, things are different now. It’s easier to post content on websites minus the expenses and hassle of posting on a magazine, and one of the most interesting social networking sites that businesses should not ignore is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board that allows you to PIN images and videos on your pin-board. The site, despite being 3 years old, is now keeping up with the giants like Facebook and Twitter. Another bonus for business owners is that Pinterest welcomes them by providing them with Business Accounts loaded with marketing tools.

So, how can business owners create an effective campaign for building their brands on Pinterest?

1.) Keep it short and sweet – Don’t pour out the information of your image or video on the title and description field. You have to let your images and videos speak for themselves. By keeping your title and description fields short and concise, you are giving your customers more time to browse your page without having to be bothered by reading a lot. Remember, you only have 15 minutes to keep their attention (15 minutes is the average time a user spends on the site every day).

2.) Keep connected – Pinterest allows you to connect your profile to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which would increase your brand awareness by threefold. This works by a form of syndication. Whatever you post on Pinterest will end up posted on Facebook and Twitter, or the activity is reflected on both of these sites with a link to your Pinterest profile.

3.) Re-pin and pin different content – Almost 80% of the pins found on Pinterest are re-pins, which should give you an idea of how content is circulated on the site. It doesn’t mean that re-pins are like plagiarizing content. You are simply showing users that you like something and you want them to know about it. They will do the same for your Pinterest profile and your business content. This is the core concept of re-pin etiquette.

When done right, it shouldn’t take long for people to notice your website and how you are different from your competitors. The more consistent you are with your Pinterest activities, the more authority you’ll build towards your brand.

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How You Can Use Facebook To Advertise Your Business Without Spamming

Published on July 25, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Using Facebook as the means for free advertising is probably one of
the wisest movies any business person can make in this competitive
marketing age. As we have been discussing Facebook offers plenty of
opportunities for the business owners to launch develop and grow
through its influential social network.

Through Facebook, you can actually choose who to target just as easily as a paid system such as Google Ads does. Through Facebook, you can choose the location, interests, relationship status, gender, age and location of your target market. What a convenient way to start your marketing strategy online!

The best part is that it can actually be free if you want it to be.
Facebook gives you the option of running free or paid promotions. The
paid aspect is through Facebook?s formal ads.

Now, how do you run free promotions?

Why, through your personal network, of course, or through your fan
page. If you?re launching a product, service or brand, it is
recommended to have a formal fan page. Nevertheless, personal
connections such as friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and
relatives will help greatly in building your business social network.

Wall updates, photos, notes, group discussions and basically any other posts will help the product or service stay top-of-mind. As I mentioned in your last lesson, prospective customers want companies to have enthusiastic and informative updates.

Tip: Don’t make the mistake of barraging your customers or potential
customers with too many Facebook updates at one time, or worse,
continuously flood their Facebook walls with the same message placed
several times. Spamming is annoying no matter who does it, so take
care that you avoid doing that to your friends and fans.

The best way to avoid spamming others, however intentional or
unintentional, is to choose your target market well. Nobody wants to
receive a wall post that is a generic message of a product they?re not even interested in.

You can control who sees your message by researching the
person?s likes or dislikes which may be apparent in their profile page or you may also ask from a personal contact. You can even check out organizations or groups that they are affiliated with online which are related to your business or industry.

Another way to place a wall post in that isn’t tantamount to spamming is to place it like a personal message. The less generic the message is, the better. You may start with something like, ?Hi. I just saw from your profile that you like Ice Cream and I though you may be interested in a free sample of our Homemade Ice Cream.?

If this strategy is a bit too forward for you, then work on making
Facebook applications that can insert advertisements into them or
better yet, try Social Ads. Demographically speaking, these two are
more effective and less time consuming than having to analyze your
customers one by one.

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Pinterest for Business – Easy Peasy Product Promotion

Published on July 24, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Pinterest is one social media site that is just a few steps behind Facebook and Twitter. Even if it is trailing from behind, there is no doubt that Pinterest is one unique social networking site you should consider. For marketers and business owners out there, it is strongly suggested that you switch to their business accounts to get the most out of your marketing endeavour.

If you want to get the ball rolling, here are some easy ways to promote your product on Pinterest!

1. Group your products or services. One creative way to get the most out of Pinterest would be to create your own visual boards. A good way to start is to organize and group your photos based on a general theme. For instance, if you are catering to fashionable clothes, it would be ideal to group it according to season and type. You can group your photos based on color, design, ingredients, locations, materials and almost naything you categorize them. Do not sort all your photos in a single board. Make sure to create several boards with varying themes. You can repeat a picture to different themes that you see fit.

2. Highlight top products. Your most popular images can now be tracked via Pinterest Web Analytics. You can use this tool to see which image has the most number of re-pins, shares and likes. This is a good tool that helps you to identify which products or images you should upload more often. You need to entice your prospective consumers so they will visit your Pinterest account often. Listen to them and try to meet their needs halfway. After all, that is what business is all about.

3. Social Media. Although Pinterest is already social networking and social media site in itself, it is always best to pair it with other sites in order to increase your reach and broaden your horizon. Every time you upload a photo, make sure to also share it in on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts. With this, you will be able to expand the reach of your product picture not only in Pinterest, but in other sites as well.

Pinterest truly has a unique way that allows marketers and business owners to market their products and services. It has its own capabilities in boosting a business. Do not be left out. Join the Pinterest bandwagon and start pinning your business on the boards.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Running Profitable Promotions On Pinterest

Published on July 22, 2015 by in Direct Selling


By following these simple rules you can help ensure that any contest
you decide to run will be popular and potentially profitable.

– Let’s start with some Pinterest Do?s:

Respect other pinner’s (users) and their followers. Don’t criticize just because you don’t like the content they’re sharing. Remember, just like art pinning is subjective and their choice of pins is completely up to them as long as they are not violating any Pinterest policies or rules.

Create boards and pin content that is related to and best expresses
your business. Always in two appropriate categories, whether it be DIY crafts, wedding events, architecture, food, etc.

You have to credit your pin sources. This will help prevent negative
comments, suspension or termination of your account. Expect other
pinner’s will do the same for you.

Showcase appealing, original and unique pins for your business
and share them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the
credit (backlinks) you deserve.

Always click the pin first before repining to ensure that it leads you to the original source. If it does you can continue with your re-pinning; if It doesn’t, don’t pin it because it will be considered spam.

Rename the default boards in your Pinterest account to relate to your
business or to reflect your own personality.

Make your pins unique and appealing. To achieve high visibility for your company brand, products and services, give your pins a good title and informative descriptions.

Always use specific keywords and hashtags in your descriptions to
make your boards SEO friendly and create backlinks.

Follow other brands, businesses and companies. Repin their pins,
interact with them. This will help create networking opportunities and may even attract new customers!

Report objectionable business deals or offers, as well as, use of
tiny URLs to avoid other pinner’s being spammed.

Involve your co-pinner’s, loyal followers and/or customers to create
a business community that shares the same interests and goals.

Follow properly named boards, repin compelling media, and
interact with companies as part of your networking strategy to get
more customers.

Check out how other companies use Pinterest to promote their
business boards, brands, contests, products and services.

Always enjoy the experience of pinning, repining, interacting and
collaborating with fellow users. Whether you are looking for business
prospects, you want them join your contests or you just want to make
new contacts.

Make use of the pricing feature of Pinterest because it opens up
a world of opportunities to online business retailers.

– Now let’s go over some of the – Pinterest Don’ts

Don’t post images/photos/videos that will have a negative impact on
your Pinterest account and business image.

Don’t be a pinning addict (?pinning everything you see?) because it will just clutter your boards will irrelevant pins and confuse your followers.

Don’t post pins too quickly without carefully deliberating the impact that it will have on your followers. Remember that loyal followers are the key to success when it comes to effective social marketing.

Don’t regularly rely solely on re-pinning and tagging with your own
keywords and hash tags because it is still the original authors who will get all the full credits.

Don’t steal credit for pins that are not yours, as well as, insert
inappropriate titles and descriptions to ?repins?. (It’s Spam)

Don’t tag pins incorrectly or assign pin descriptions that don’t
correspond with the original content.

Try not to repin images/photos that lead you only to a secondary
source or tiny URL so as to avoid being spammed or getting negative
comments from co-pinner’s, respectively.

Avoid making the habit of using secondary sources or those indexed
only by search engines.

Don’t be surprised if your boards are not getting noticed because
they were named too specifically. Remember your keywords!

Don’t promise anything on your Pinterest contests that you cannot

Don’t post hateful comments on objectionable pins. If you come across a pin that you think is spam or offensive in some way, report it.

By using good business sense and following these simple do’s and
don’ts, I have no doubt that you will be able to take full advantage of everything that Pinterest has to offer your business.

The bottom line is that this popular social network isn’t very hard to figure out. Its ease of use is what makes it so appealing, not to mention effective.

Just remember, when it comes to effectively using Pinterest to run
profitable promotions for your business providing relevant content that adds value to the marketplace is your key to success.

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Create Targeted Advertisements & Improve Your Click Through Rate

Published on July 20, 2015 by in Direct Selling


In order to create the most compelling, responsive and profitable advertisements, you need to utilize Facebook’s option to heavily target and tailor your advertisements based on your target market.

With Facebook, you can set your ads up so that they appear only to specific people, based on age, location, gender, interests, hobbies or even based on the groups they have joined within the Facebook community.

You will want to conduct market research so that you can accurately define your target market and develop advertisements that target specific segments of your market.

Facebook implores a quality control system to ensure that the advertisements that run throughout their community stay within their guidelines and do not offend or disrupt member activity or overall experience.

Use their quality control system to develop compelling advertisements that stand out in the marketplace, and capture the attention of potential buyers.

Also keep in mind that Facebook advertising is based on display, rather than search. This means that your ads will be automatically triggered to appear based on your settings, rather than when a user conducts an on-site search.

Users can also choose to rate advertisements, helping to retain quality throughout the community.

Your advertisements click through rate plays an integral role in saving you money while boosting exposure and reaching out to your target market.

It’s important to keep a pulse on your click through rate so that you can correct any problems with your advertisement, or make adjustments to improve your overall CTR.

If your advertisements CTR drops too low, it could be automatically paused or removed by Facebook, so you really want to pay attention to how well it’s converting.

Typically, your ads should never fall below a 2% conversion rate. One of the easiest ways of increasing your CTR is by creating a highly targeted advertisement.

You want your ad to appear only to those who are within your target demographic, while making sure that your advertisements text or any images used speak directly to your customer base. Consider split testing various advertisements within the Facebook community to determine what works best, based on your industry or niche market.

You should also pay attention to the times of day that your ads appear. You can choose to either run your ads consistently throughout the day, or have them only appear at specific times (or even specific dates).

Keep in mind the time zone of your target market, so that your ads are running based on the most active time of day or night.

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Converting Your Regular Twitter Followers Into Lifelong Customers

Published on July 16, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Let’s jump right in and talk about how you can use Twitter to
conduct your market research. Every business has a target
market, but the simple fact is that many business owners often
miss the mark because they don?t know the true needs of their

By using Twitter, you can easily listen to the needs of your
prospects, the issues they are currently facing and the kind of
help that they want.

Whenever you meet someone new on Twitter it’s a good idea to
try to establish a good relationship from the start. Think like your
customer. You buy from people who you trust and like. Your target
market also behaves the same way. It is important, especially in
social marketing that you get to know your clients and do your best
to win their trust and confidence.

A good rule of thumb is to try and keep ninety percent of your
tweets full of helpful content and try to limit your promotional ones.

By doing so, you can attract more followers and hopefully

In order to show off your expertise on Twitter you will want to post
quality content on your blogs, website and other sites, like article
directory Then share them with your followers.

There are a wide variety of tools that work with Twitter that will automatically check the blogs you?ve posted and share them instantly on your page.

Offering educational materials, seminars, video training and
networking events will also go a long way when you are trying to
convert your followers into paying customers.

As a matter of fast I recently came across a great website that
allows you to stream live video on your Twitter page and chat real
time with your followers, so if you’re not camera shy, plug in your
webcam! This will be a fantastic way to make an instant
connection for you and your peeps.

You can find out more here:

There are so many different techniques that you can use to help
the transition from follower to customer by using Twitter. Just
remember to keep the value of your content high and the volume of
your promotions low and you will begin to see real results from
your efforts.

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Common Mistakes That Twitter Users Make And That You Should Avoid

Published on July 14, 2015 by in Direct Selling


As an Internet marketer there are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid making even before you start sending tweets.

Mistake number one:

The picture as your avatar in your profile is not yours.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some users don?t post their real picture.
They use cartoon pictures, company logos, or their pet?s pictures.
Although the pictures are quite cute and may grab some attention,
most Twitter users will appreciate seeing a real picture of you,
especially if you are trying to connect on a business level.

When you post your own picture it lets others know that you are
real and that you?re confident enough with what you do to let others
see you. You want people to recognize you as a leader in your
market and having a face to go with a name always helps.

Depending on your niche you will want to choose a photo that
represents business, For instance if you are have a children?s
online book store you will want to choose a picture that shows your
fun side. On the other have if you are selling product to
professionals you will want a photo that looks conservative and
business like. A nice smile never hurts either.

Mistake number two:

Automatically sending the wrong type direct message through an

In lesson two we talk about using the tool Future Tweets that
automatically sends messages to people who follow you. What we
didn’t talk about was sending the wrong type of message with this
tool and how it can lose you followers.

Direct messages can be seen as impersonal and pushy when
they aren’t written properly. If you decide to use a tool that
automatically send messages to your new followers keep it simple
and friendly. A message saying ?thanks for following me? is fine,
but sending automated messages promoting your business or
product is not a good idea and most instances people will click
the unfollow button right away.

Mistake number three:

Trying to build a huge following before you have done some

People will not be interested in following you when they click on
your Twitter page to see what you’ve got, and notice you don’t
have much. You need to have tweeted more than, “Trying to figure
this Twitter out” and “I think I’ve got it figured out now.”

If you don’t know what to say, try “retweeting” (RT) some other
peoples’ tweets that that are related to your niche. Read what
other people are tweeting about and reply to them, this will help
start up a conversation. Talk about market related news, what
you’re doing on your business right now. That will give you several
tweets to get the ball rolling.

Mistake number four:

Tweeting promotion after promotion.

Yes, you are using Twitter to promote your business, but posting
one offer after another will only cause people to ?unfollow? you.
When people look at your timeline and notice that you aren’t
posting anything of value to them they will quickly move on.

There are millions of Twitters to follow, why should they follow you
when you’re only tweeting about promotions? Remember this
basic rule of sales “people want to know what’s in it for me”?
Twitter is a social network and you have to keep that in mind
before you post a tweet.

When you are using Twitter for your IM business you must learn
how to communicate and build good relationships with your
followers before you start sending them with promotions.

Even if you already have a good list of leads, it is still not a good
idea to barrage them with promotions. As we have talked about
before, promotional tweets should be sent only in limited numbers.

These are just a few of the more common mistakes committed by
new and old tweeters alike. Take note of them and don?t make the
same mistakes.

Before we close this post I want to share a couple of more
things with you.

The first thing is using the Twitter search feature. It is a very
effective tool that allows you to check on yourself and your
business. You will be surprised to find out how much chatter
takes place on Twitter.

By using the search tool you can quickly find out what others are
saying about you and your business and learn from them. If you
find out any criticisms, think about them carefully. You can also
make some adjustments to your business if there is a need to so
that you ensure profitability.

The next thing is your Twitter background. The background on
Twitter page tells a lot about your personality. If you plan to use
Twitter for Internet marketing you will want to make the background
look more professional. You can do this by using the basic
customization tools that Twitter supplies to make some simple
changes to the color scheme of your page.

For even more impact you may want to consider a custom
designed background. There are many editing programs that you
can use to create your own graphics if you want to and if you do a
quick search you will also find a variety of pre-made Twitter
background available. If you really want to go all out you can hire a
designer to create one for you.

Capitalizing on Twitter?s popularity can be very rewarding and
profitable for your IM business, but only if you know what you?re
doing. While I tried to cover the basics during this short course
there is always more to learn and you will want to continue
education as you go along and as Twitter changes and grow I’m
sure more great thing will come.

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Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Published on July 12, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Yes, Facebook advertising is easy to start. There are guidelines that can be followed and effectively implemented, even by novice marketers. But the simple instructions could be tricky for some, causing the pitfalls of some of the Facebook advertising practitioners. Just because it is easy to do does not mean you can just post your ads and be successful right away. So to avoid such pitfalls, here are the common mistakes committed at Facebook advertising. So you won’t be misled by how easy it can be, be advised on what you must NOT do!

Newbie mistake of assumption. If you are new at Facebook advertising, follow the guidelines about profiling and creating ads. Use Facebook advertising utilities and invest on their CPC or CPM advertising cost and then wait. There is nothing wrong with this scenario. It is wrong when you just sit back not observing what will happen next and expect Facebook to perform a miracle. At the end of each Facebook advertising tips and advises is to say ‘observe and improve’. It is always like that. The first steps are just to familiarize with Facebook Advertising; the rest is all about creating strategy. This is a never ending learning, adjustments and reaping the fruits of your labor.

Ignoring the importance of local marketing. In Facebook advertising, you can set up what nation or location you are going to target. The thing is that some people forget to omit other country’s names. Let us say you only want to market in the US then you don’t really need to include Canada or any other countries where you don’t plan to market at all. They will just crowd your reports.

Mistaking CPC for CPM. CPC is cost per click where you are billed to how many clicks and CPM is cost per impression where you are billed per 1000 impression you get from your ads. Both are Facebook advertising plan with different end result of payment amount. So understand this well.

Poor target market profiling. A target market is the life of Facebook advertising. If you cannot pinpoint who you want to market, don’t attempt to start this advertising scheme. You have to first establish this. Know your business, define who are your target clients and lead them to your business.

Too much ad production without quality content. This is a big no. there are just too many ads that are all persuasion without really being memorable or believable. Unfortunately, you have to do it all, from being informative to being persuasive.

Ignoring the importance of landing tab. You have to bring or gather your clients somewhere at Facebook. Invest for landing pages.
Getting over excited and doing everything all at once. You have to take time to learn. Take one step at a time. Start with understanding each features first, doing one or two a week until you can get the drift.

There are more mistakes you can read online. You can learn from these mistakes. Improve how you handle your Facebook advertising by avoiding the mistakes above. Unfortunately, the fruits are not always good. If your ads do not work at first, you have to learn to evolve and analyze what went wrong. If you will not grow and always expect Facebook to do all the works for you, you will not be able to go anywhere else. At the end of the day you might think that Facebook advertising is hogwash. It is not, it is just pure work.

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