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You can Turn your Facebook Likes into email subscribers. Here’s How

There are a number of great reasons why you need to convert all your Facebook fans into email subscribers. Some of these reasons include:

  • It is a great idea for you to own and control your email list, so long as you follow list-management best practices (i.e., don’t spam your subscribers).
  • More of your email subscribers will see your email messages than your Facebook fans will see your updates.
  • In most cases email subscribers buy and spend more.

This clearly shows that an email subscriber is worth more than a Facebook like. Here are a number of ways on how you can easily convert your Facebook likes to email subscribers:

  1. Add an email sign up link and form to your Facebook page. This is simply including an opt-in form to your Facebook page, where a user first clicks the “sign up” link in the tab and is then brought to a page with an opt-in form. There is no coding that is normally required — your email service provider knows how important Facebook opt-ins are, so almost all email services make adding a form like this very easy to do
  2. Use Facebook ads. This is normally a great idea, no matter whether it’s a promoted post, or a custom audience or any of the other Facebook advertising, give Facebook ads a try. This is because Facebook has basically become an “advertising platform.”
  3. Do not forget to include a link in your About section, and you can do this by simply adding links to any page you want in the long description of your Facebook page. A good idea is to include links to the major pages of your site, plus one additional link to a landing page designed to convert Facebook visitors into email subscribers.
  4. Add a customized landing page. This can be a great way to increase your opt-ins by three-fold. Remember to also include navigation links to other pages on your site on the landing page. It’s important to give people a way to leave the landing page without too much hassle.
  5. Make your Facebook cover photo clickable – and send them to a landing page optimized for opt-in pages. This will take you less than a minute to do (to set up the link; creating the landing page may take longer).
  6. Always remember to include some calls to action for people to join your email list in your Facebook posts. A great idea is to add teasers for content that’s available only in your emails, or announce your emails a day or so before they’ll be sent out. While doing this always remember to include a link for people to sign up for your list.

If you would like to sign up to my list please enter Here





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Podcasting a Great way to get Free Traffic

The information in this post was adapted from John Lee Dumas the founder and Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire. In my opinion one of the best podcasts available today.



Podcasting has been experiencing incredible growth for a number of Reasons. Here i cover ten of the reasons why I think they have and will continue to grow in popularity


1. Podcasts are very portable and offer in demand passionate content

Podcasts can be consumed while driving, running, folding laundry, walking your dog, exercising, and any number of similar activities that require some  semblance of focus. You don’t have to say NO to any of the above activities to say YES to  Podcasting, and that is why so many people are so willing to give 30+ minutes of their time to listen to a podcast , as they are able to be productive in other activities simultaneously!


Let’s use a random example to illustrate my point:


Sally is 42 years old, lives in upstate New York, and commutes 45 minutes to work at a greenhouse

where she happily spends the next eight hours of her day doing something she loves: gardening.

Sally also has three kids – all teenagers – and they’re quite demanding, to say the least. Her free time at home is a percentage point below zero, and sometimes that bothers her.

You see, Sally loves all things plant-related, and if it were up to her, she’d be studying and learning

about gardens with every spare moment she has. But while she’s at work, she is dealing with

customers and administrative duties all day, and that leaves her NO time to improve upon her craft.

She knows there are so many things she could be educating herself about if only she had the time.

But as soon as Sally’s head hits her pillow at night, she has about two minutes before it’s “goodnight

Sally!” Before she knows it, Sally has been on the same “Better Homes and Gardens” page for three


Sally also slightly resents her 45-minute drive to work each day. It’s long, boring, and she gets

nothing accomplished. Over a coffee break one day at work, her co-worker, Vanessa, mentions that she has been listening to a podcast called Griselda the Green Thumb. “What’s a podcast?” Sally asks in honest bewilderment.


Five minutes later, Sally can’t wait to get home and load her iPod full of this free, targeted content about a subject she so loves.


The next morning, Sally jumps in her car, and before she even turns on her seat heater she has

episode #1 pumping through her eight car speakers. 45 joyful minutes later, Sally is letting her car

idle in the parking lot so she can scribble down some notes about petunias and daisies.

Sally has discovered the wonderful world of Podcasting, and her car rides, walks, and workout

sessions will never be the same.


audello 1


2. Podcasts are Free


When you listen to podcasts, you’re hearing from experts who are dispensing advice and sharing

insights in what feels like a one-on-one session. Were this truly the case, it would cost you

thousands of dollars every time you listened to one.

Podcast hosts and interviewees can afford (literally and figuratively) to give this incredible advice

away for free because they are reaching hundreds – if not thousands – of eager ears, allowing them

to become authority figures to a huge audience who is growing to know, like and trust them.


As the content continues to be dispensed, the audience continues to grow because they are getting

great, actionable, highly valued content for free. So we have a  win-win situation


3. Accessible from Smartphones


Do you know anyone these days who is active in the online world but who doesn’t have a

Smartphone? Even Blackberry made sure to include a podcast app on their latest device.

Smartphones, 4G networks, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher Radio have allowed people around

the world to consume streaming, online content with the swipe of a finger. With this computer in


our pockets, downloading and/or streaming podcasts has never been easier, and those little white earplugs  have never been so tangled.

audello 2

4. Readily available on tablets


There is something about hearing that your grandfathers favourite thing is his new ipad that you realise just how many people are getting into the digital information age. Podcasts fit perfectly here

A new Era has begun People who have never been on the internet before have discovered the easy to use ipads and tablets and their portability allows them to use them anywhere anytime.


5. Wi fi has put podcasts at our fingertips

Gone are the days when you needed to be plugged in to get the music and info you want. Now we use Wi fi to connect and wander around the web. Information is so much easier to gather and load onto our electronic devices




6. Listening and hearing ones voice is so much more personal that reading ones word.  Thisnk about when you listen to the radio you have your favourite presenters and although you may not have met these people in person you feel you know them well. In some way you form a bond with your listeners and they will start to know like and trust you and look forward to your next podcast



7. Podcasting gives you instant authority and credibility

Although you may not be as famous as some of the big name podcasters  Seth Godin, Amy Porterfield or Pat Flynn

if you interview people that have a decent following you will become associalted with  them and your reputation will be elevated to their level

audello 3



8. Leveraging iTunes to reach more people

There are thousands of people listening to podcasts all over the world so if you create your own podcast there is a good chance that you too can reach people from the 4 corners of the planets and the platforms that your podcasts are hosted on can give you this information


9. Your performance is measurable:

You are only as good as you can prove you are, especially when it comes to podcasting. How can you

prove you are worth the precious time it takes a busy Entrepreneur to come on your show and share

their life story? How can you prove to yourself that you are reaching enough people to make your

time expenditure worthwhile?

Well, my friends, this is yet another reason why podcasting is so powerful. Does anyone REALLY

know how many people are listening to a certain radio station at any given time? Or actually

watching a specifc TV station? Not really. However, with podcasts, you can measure the exact

number of downloads with extreme accuracy.

As you can imagine, this is very valuable information – actual numbers that we can use to base some

pretty solid assumptions of

Stitcher Radio even measures the amount of time someone listens to your podcast, so you can study

patterns and see how long is too long, or how short is too short. These statistics are very valuable,

and you can use these stats to promote your podcast and find sponsors and guests


10 Once your podcast gets popular you are able to monetise it in a few ways

You can find companies to sponsor your podcast and give them a minute plug and advertise for them. You can also use your podcast to recommend Affliate income, mentoring, products, services and masterminds are just a few

If you thinks about it if you are doing webinars or hangouts you can repurpose this content into a podcast

Also there is a brand new piece of software out that makes it super easy to record and upload your podcast

Yes Podcasting just became a whole lot easier


audello 4

Yes Audello has made it a whole lot easier click here to find out more



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How to Make More Sales With Your Emails

If you’re sending out emails but nothing much is happening, try these proven ideas:

Use list segmentation to personalize. Which email do you think will get a higher conversion rate?
“50% off”
“For New Moms only, 50% off”

Obviously, the second one is much more targeted, and thus bound to get more attention and more opens.

So how do you segment your lists? Create a separate list for each list building activity you do, whether it’s for every different free report you give away, every product you sell and so forth. From those, make special offers to get people on the lists to raise their hands.

For example, to a list of horse lovers you might send this email: “Are you interested in breeding horses for profit? Then click here to sign up for our free report.” Now you have a segmented list, and when you send them an offer, you can address it directly to their interest or desire.


Make them feel special. If you can build a tribe of people, then your emails will get opened. Look at sports teams: They’re simply corporate entities, yet they get their fans to do just about anything including painting their faces, purchasing over priced clothing, driving or flying long distances and sitting in the heat or cold for hours to watch their team.

How do they do it? By building a tribe of people with a common interest (the team) a common goal (winning) and common enemies (opposing teams.)

Make your subscribers feel like they are on the inside, getting the inside info and the insider’s deals that no one else gets. Give them a name they can identify with, let them in on your behind-the-scenes stuff and always talk about “we” rather than “me.” Remember, you are building a team.

Include a clear call to action. Every email you send should have a goal, whether that’s to further bond them to you, to educate, to get them to click or whatever it might be. “To get the report, click here.” “To see this script in action, click here.” “To join the hottest team in the nation, click here.” “To begin your journey for free, click here” and so forth.

Give away premium courses. You might wonder how this will improve your conversion rates, but if you think about it from the receiver’s point of view, you’ll understand – we buy from those we know and trust.

When you give away great info in the form of an email course, you are repeatedly showing up in their inbox. You are welcomed there. And your emails get opened. You are now viewed as an authority rather than a sales person. And when it comes time to send promotional emails, those emails get opened and read as well.

Use dedicated landing pages. This is more work but it’s totally worth it. If your call to action doesn’t perfectly match your landing page, people will get confused and leave. Your top priority after getting the click is to deliver on your promise.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten emails that say something like, “Click here to discover how to ___” and then I get to a squeeze page that doesn’t say ANYTHING about the reason I got there. Usually, the email came from an affiliate who is talking about one of the product’s benefits, and the landing page is talking about an entirely different set of benefits. They don’t match up and I leave.

Further, I’m not even expecting a squeeze page when I click the link because what I am expecting is information. So just imagine if that affiliate had created a simple page that talked further about how to achieve this benefit, and then gracefully sold me on visiting the squeeze page that would eventually lead to the solution I was seeking. The affiliate’s conversion rate would no doubt double with this simple step.

Just a little bit of effort can go a long way towards getting your emails opened, read and acted upon.
My Mentor is a master listbuilder and has a great mastermind that teaches all the behind the scenes ways to build your list and also get those emails opened. You can even trial it for 2 weeks for a limited time Click here

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Traffic Masters Academy Review

Published on August 24, 2014 by in Direct Selling

traffic masters academy

Traffic the Lifeblood of any Online Business

If you are an online, affiliate marketer or conduct any type of business online then chances are you are looking for ways to generate new traffic to your websites and land some new leads.

Traffic methods are continually changing. One day you can be getting massive amounts of traffic to your site and then Google changes something and all of a sudden your business is like a ghost town. This course has the latest traffic methods that are working today. Our Traffic Masters are testing, tracking and tweaking on a daily basis. They have invested their money and now they are sharing with you their current working methods.

Traffic Masters Academy Traffic Masters Academy has just been introduced to Mobe License Rights members and is being sold as a stand alone product. Just think I paid over $2000 to get access to this and you can get it today for $297. Read the full Sales Page here

Topics covered include PPC, Facebook, blogging, YouTube, banner ads, media buys, solo ads, and offline marketing. These guys have tested and tweaked these methods and are now ready to share this with you. The training is designed to be completed in around 30 days, and the idea is to pick one traffic source that appeals most to you and works best with your target market and perfect it.

Upon completion of the 30-day training, the course offers a lifetime access to future updates and live daily webinars where you can ask the host any question related to online traffic. And that is what makes Traffic Masters Academy unique.

Here’s Everything That’s Included In Traffic Masters Academy

The core training is split up into 7 different modules that last anywhere from 3 to 6 days each.

Module 1:  Traffic Fundamentals

Matt Lloyd, founder and CEO of My Online Business Empire (MOBE)

Module 1 talks about the  fundamentals of traffic, the foundation for the rest of the program and teaches you the basic terms and concepts you need to know before moving forward. You’ll learn about “Targeted Vs. Untargeted Traffic,” defining your audience, and Performance-Based vs. Fixed Cost traffic.

Module 2:  PPC (Pay Per Click)

Adam Holland – Google and Bing PPC & Michelle Pescosolido – Facebook PPC

PPC is the Internet’s most popular traffic source and behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Bing generate billions of dollars in revenue every year through PPC advertising. Module 2 shows how to create ads, choose keywords, bid, and getting ads placed. It shows how to use PPC to reach some of Facebook’s 1.28 billion users worldwide, and track your ads to ensure that you are always making more money than you put in.

Module 3:  The Power of YouTube

Carolina Milan, Terry Lamb & Scott Smith

YouTube gets over 4 BILLION video views every single day? And the best part is… it’s 100% FREE, which means that you can leverage the awesome power of YouTube to get free traffic on auto-pilot. Module 3 talks about the “Four Essential Pillars” for YouTube marketing success, including how to target prospects, how to turn viewers into opt-ins, and how to create videos that capture people’s attention. You’ll also learn how to create high-quality videos using your smart phone.

Module 4:  Solo Ads

Shaqir Hussyin

Solo Ads are sponsored emails to large email lists, and they are the Number #1 traffic source for online marketers (small and large) to bring in thousands of leads in a matter of hours. In Module 4, Shaqir Hussyin (mid 20s online marker that has already generated over $3 Million online in the last 4 years) will show you how solo ads work, how to work with providers, and how to track their performance. You’ll also get a “swipe file” of proven solo ads that you can copy and paste.

Module 5:  Banner Ad Marketing

Presented by David Gilks

Banner ads are a tested and proven way to consistently get traffic that turns into buyers. Banner ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in Module 5 you’ll learn how to create your own banners for free or get other people to make them for as little as $5. You’ll also learn how to make banners that get clicks, where to place your banners, and how to track everything to ensure a solid ROI (return on investment).

Module 6:  Blogging Secrets with John Chow

In Module 6, John Chow – owner of one of the most popular blogs in the world – will show you how to generate FREE traffic at will even if you don’t have a blog of your own. John will show you how to use “guest posting” on other people’s blogs to get free leads, and you how to quickly setup your own blog and use “pop ups” to turn your visitors into leads.


Module 7:  Warm Market Traffic

Sue & Jerry Smart, Ernest Lim

In Module 7, you’ll learn how to create an offline “warm market” of leads. Using strategies like free in-person “meet ups” you can build your own list of highly targeted leads that can be potential goldmines.

PLUS… Two Extra Bonus Training Videos

Bonus Training #1: Direct Mail

Larry Crisp

Direct mail is far from dead. Did you know that Google, the $250 billion Gorilla of the Internet relies on direct mail to get new customers? That’s right, and now that there’s more competition in your email inbox, the MAILBOX is a great way to get your marketing piece in the hands of thousands of potential buyers. In this bonus training video, direct mail expert Larry Crisp will show you how to get started with direct mail even if you have a limited budget.

Bonus Training #2: PPV

Presented by Bernardo De la Vega and Luke Lim

You probably haven’t heard about PPV (Pay Per View). That’s because it’s a fairly new traffic source and still in a “Wild West” phase. You should try other methods before attempting this advanced strategy. But when you’re ready, this bonus training will show you how to navigate the “unruly” world of PPV and ethically find places to post PPV ads that can generate visitors for less than a $0.01 each!

The one constant when it comes to traffic is that it’s always changing.

The cool thing about Traffic Masters Academy is that it will be continually updated with additional cutting edge training videos on the hottest, most profitable traffic methods of the future. So the content will always be fresh.

There is so  much quality information in this package that you will never need to purchase another course on Traffic ever again. I will be using all these methods as I learn them.

BTW, it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So you will have a chance to go through all the modules and if you don’t like, you can get a refund.

Considering it is a lifetime access to the current modules and all future updates including daily live webinar access with one of traffic coaches, I think the price of $279 is worth it. I have been using it for over 2 weeks now and highly recommend it.

Check it out for 30 days and come back and comment below. I would love know which traffic source you will be going after.

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How to use Google Plus to Increase your Blog Traffic

Google + is now the second most utilised Social network after Facebook and as it is owned by Google it is one Social network you should take a serious look at with over 359 Million Users

There are some steps you need to complete if you would like to use your Google + account to get more visitors to your Blog


1. Complete and optimize your profile
You need to complete your  Google+ profile It is important to include all the information you want viewers to know about you. Links to your blog, your tagline, Introduction to your business and Bragging rights for your achievements


2. Grow your circles
Grow your circles . Grow your circles with Like minded people and search out where your audience is. You can segment the information that you want to send to your different circles so this makes it easy to target your content to targeted audience

3. Always Share your latest blog post with an image 
57% of Shares on Google + are images so when sharing your blog post as this will get more interaction. Make it a catchy and relevant.Use Hashtags when sharing your posts



4. Share Interesting Content

Find some interesting content to share. Your circles just do not want to see your posts all the time. Mix it up a bit there is always something interesting to share

5. Engage
Engage with people in and outside of your circles. if you plus 1 other peoples content they will circle you and will +1 your posts which will get you more traffic

6. Communities
You can Join communities that are  relatedto your blog. Use Communities to share your posts. When you share posts with communities more people will see the post and if they are in communities then they have something in common so they are more targeted. If you share within communities this will give you more SEO juice with Google


How To Get More +1s, Comments and Reshares On Google+


The key takeaways are:

1. Link dropping (i.e. sharing links with less than 100 characters) is a definite pitfall with low engagement across all metrics for success.

2. Photo posts (including GIFs) and adding more than 100 characters is the winning formula for interaction. As photos with more than 100 characters get 182% more comments, 153% more +1s, and 92% more reshares than posts with less than 100 characters.

3. Text only posts (above or below 100 characters) are worthwhile for both +1s and comments, but not reshares.

4. (My findings) Always add a catchy image placeholder to your video and article links and treat them like an image post. Not everyone will follow the link, but many will appreciate your ability to spread valuable content and ideas in a few seconds.

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Power Lead System take a closer look

Published on August 14, 2014 by in Direct Selling

There are all types of systems on the Internet and some are crappy and really do not offer any value at all but some are packed with some really great Features.

Today I want to do a quick review of the Power Lead System.

When you first get started online there are a number of tools you need to get up and running and build lead capture pages to collect leads, Autoresponders to send out messages and a number of other tools that have an ongoing monthly cost. What if there was a system out there that had all these tools all for one monthly fee? Well there is and it is called the Power Lead System.

If you would like to watch the latest Hangout presented by the owners of the Power lead system go to this page on my blog

If you are a Network Marketer and have a downline of people there is a very cool feature where you can build a sales funnel with a lead capture page that might lead to a sales page and also have a follow up email sequence. Now if you want to share this wil your team you just give them a 5 digit code to enter into the power lead system and they now have a copy of that funnel just with one click. They are able to easily change the links to their affiliate links. Imagine how much time they will save. Evene if you are not a Network Marketer but have some affiliates selling your products then this will help them get set up easily allowing your affiliates to start driving traffic and sending you sales.

The other Bonus benefit of the Power Lead system is it has an affiliate program where you can get paid to promote the program. The compensation plan is explained in the hangout here

If you just want to be a member and use the tools such as unlimited subdomains for your squeeze pages and sales Pages email autoresponders. Webinar replay hosted page, video postcards and a number of other features for just $30 per month. Compare that to other autoresponders that cost from $19 to $30 per month plus hosting $14 plus for month and then the hassle of learning how to code squeeze pages etc. Power lead System offers a 7 day trial so check that out here now Power Lead System.

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The Art Of Selling High Ticket Internet Programs

Published on August 8, 2014 by in Direct Selling

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Solo List Samarai- TJ Khara

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Just a quick post- have fun with

Sometimes you just find a bit of a golden gem that is a little bit silly.

A few years ago now I had some fun with a little thing called let me Google that for you.

It is a hoot on facebook if people ask really silly questions. You can try it out here Just type in Best Blog Post 2014 and then click on the link it provides. Now next time someone asks you a question

you can use this site and send them the link via email or facebook. It is a little sarcastic but a lot of fun.

Now the second little gem is a place called Sloganizer. This is great for thinking up headlines for you blog or even you email subject lines.

Check it out



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Getting the Hangout Advantage

Google Hangouts are Hot

Google hangouts have taken off like wild fire and there is good reason for this.

Hangouts are owned by Google so Google will show lot’s of love for content that is created

via hangouts in the Google and You Tube search engine rankings. As you know Google

and You Tube are the number 1 and 2 search engines on the web

When you show your face is on screen people get to know like and trust you as they know that

you are a real person. This is critical in marketing.

Unlike other Webinar platforms you can have unlimited webinar attendees at no extra cost.

Other webinar products charge you for number of attendees

If you use Hangouts on Air, your webinar will  automatically be recorded and will be instantly

available as a replay , which means that you can also download the recording, edit it and

immediately send it out to your fans.


How will Google Hangouts Benefit Your Business?

By using Google hangouts on a regular Basis you can

  • Expand your Audience
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Increase Sales
  • Gain an advantage over your competition
  • Help your customers and prospects through Q&A sessions
  • Project yourself more effectively as it is the perfect platform for broadcasters, authors entertainers and more
  • Mastermind your way to success through audience feedback and connecting with people of influenc
  • Launch your products
  • Conduct your coaching sessions and so much more


Other Advantages of Google Hangouts

Seo Rankings

By making short videos using Google hangouts on Air you are more likely to rank on the first page of Google within just a few minutes

There is no need to use backlinks and the videos are auto posted on Google Plus to get more viral and SEO coverage. You could spend a few minutes a day making little videos and it would be more effective than a lot of the IM Things you currently do

Direct Communication

You can now easily reach out to your clients and connect with them on a more personal level

This will enable you to coach them , help them and even quickly sort out any issues they may have

Run Webinars

You can run webinars using Google hangouts and you are not restricted by the number of attendees.

Attendees can interact via the chat feature and you can invite guests to join you on Air.

You can share your screen, show your webcam and this allows attendees to see who is talking.

These webinars are automatically recorded and can be live on YouTube and Google plus in minutes

or you can edit them and re upload the best bits

Power Lead System provides a solution where you can host any Hangout or video that you can place your links in and

grab signups to your offer.



pls promo

View the Page Live Here

Find out more about Power Lead System here






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