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Have you got what it takes to live the laptop Lifestyle Dream?

Published on April 23, 2015 by in Direct Selling

Many people are under the impression that living the Laptop Lifestyle is as easy as clicking your mouse and

watching money fly out of your computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to have a business

either online or offline you need to have a business plan and some working capital. many a budding Internet Entrepreneur

has come searching the internet with no money to speak of in the hope that they will find their fortune.

Today i would like to share  a post from Martin Zwilling that I discovered in Forbes magazine recently

7 Success Principles From Internet Millionaires

  1. Find a niche to help real people. Look for real problems to solve, like losing weight, staying healthy, or gaps in a popular product line. “Nice to have” sites like Facebook and Twitter look attractive, but they are much higher risk, and a thousand fail for every one that succeeds.
  2. Position yourself as an expert. People tend to buy from people they perceive as “experts.” Expert status is no longer a formal degree or certification. Today it more often means a “trusted friend” who seems real, visible, and doesn’t “push” products. Don’t hide behind a website with no address, picture, or direct contact information.
  3. Automate to the max. Take advantage of software tools to automate routine business functions, like taking and delivering orders. Provide website forums to help customers solve their own problems. Use free e-commerce software and services like PayPal before building an expensive customized solution. Generate revenue around the clock.
  4. Use the Internet to outsource staff. Hiring virtual assistants for each specific project can be a lot more efficient and cheaper than hiring and managing employees. Start with sites like and for specialized tasks you can’t do yourself. Pay others to handle small stuff, and keep your time available for bigger priorities.
  5. Let your audience help with content creation. Audience contributions, like product reviews, discussion board conversations, and comments on your blog are invaluable because they create more credible content and attract more money from advertisers. Even more valuable are success case studies and testimonials.
  6. Define a business that is scalable. First, pick an opportunity that has a worldwide appeal, like eco-friendly products. Then implement automation on production and tracking so you don’t need hours of manual work on each order. Finally, use customer feedback or promotions to attract more and more customers with less and less effort.
  7. Focus on recurring revenues. A great way to make more money more easily online is to replace one-time sales with automatically renewing subscriptions. With a stable base of subscribers, this can mean a continuing revenue stream from newsletters, support, or advice on demand.

exhausted man



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I love Alex Jeffreys and his New product The Super Funnel is value Plus

Published on April 19, 2015 by in Direct Selling

I have followed Alex Jeffreys for several years and it is through his training that I have been able to build my list and have regular sales. he also introduced me to Dean Holland whose product is one of my highest selling products in my business.


Alex has just released his product The Super Funnel. Below you will find my video review. If you are ready to purchase just Click Here

I am sure you will be impressed at the over delivery and generosity from Alex

 Click here to get your copy

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Social Bookmarking for Internet Marketers

Published on April 7, 2015 by in Direct Selling

Social bookmarking is when you collect web pages, links, videos, and other web-based content that you use enjoy or frequently collect them all in a single place so others can see them.

Social bookmarking lets you save links to web pages you want to share. Usually, these links are published publicly, although there are some private social bookmarking sites. Other web users can then easily access those pages.

Uses of Social Bookmarking

Bookmarks can be shared with specific people, or with entire groups of people. Or they can be shared within networks of users or other combinations of private and public users.

Different social bookmarking sites post these links in various ways. Some allow links to be viewed chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine. One social bookmarking site – the popular StumbleUpon – even presents the links randomly.

Social bookmarking sites such as Tumblr and others also normally provide web feeds for their lists of bookmarks, including lists organized by tags, keywords or categories. This is so visitors can view new links as they are posted by other users.

Some social bookmarking sites even include features that allow visitors to rate content, add comments, import and export bookmarks from browsers, email links, and even form or join groups devoted to particular links, topics or hashtags.

Social Bookmarking and Web Promotion

You can promote your products, offers and web pages with social bookmarking sites because they attract new and active visitors who are interested in very specific niche topics. Visitors can access your posts from many different access points then pin your link on their social bookmarking pages, creating free, targeted traffic streams to your web pages and offers.

Social bookmarking can improve your site’s search engine rankings as well. Most social bookmarking sites will automatically index your page. Google and other search engines then use these indexes to assign value to web pages. If your page appears on a lot of social bookmarking pages, its value increases and your pages get ranked higher.

Simple Categorization

Social bookmarking also has the benefit of letting you bookmark specific pages or entire sites. These can then be accessed by anybody by using niche keywords. If your page has content people find worthwhile, it probably will be posted on many other social bookmarking pages, resulting in a lot of backlinks to your page. This will lead to more traffic and revenue.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites’ popularity tends to have more volatility than social media sites, probably because people tend to lose interest quickly after the bloom of initial enthusiasm for a particular site wears off.

But some social bookmarking sites remain popular:

  • Digg – This is one of the biggest “social news” sites where users can post interesting articles and links. The most popular articles or links get pushed to the top of the Digg feed. Those that are unpopular fall to the bottom.
  • Flickr – This is a popular free photo sharing site. Users can upload photos or photo albums to the site and invite other users to look at them. You also can use Flickr to promote your products and offers.
  • YouTube –The biggest free video sharing site, YouTube lets users post videos then add tags to them to make it easier for other users to find them using the site’s own search engine. It’s one of the best social bookmarking sites for marketing your products and offers because video is the preferred way people seek content on the Internet today.

If you’d like more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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Traffic Optimization Secrets Most People Don’t Know About

Published on April 6, 2015 by in Direct Selling

When it comes down to it, making money with Internet marketing isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is use paid or free methods that lead visitor to your offers, then utilize techniques within our content that maximize conversion rates.

Without a doubt, paying for traffic is the easiest way to build your online business. You can sometimes get results within a few hours – or even a few minutes – of launching your paid traffic campaigns. But as soon as the money runs out, usually so does the traffic.

The paid platform most marketers use is Google AdWords. It’s the biggest and most popular. But therein lies the problem: Google AdWords is so big that it’s often really hard to get your offers noticed by consumers. It’s simply so filled with competitors that you either have to spend a fortune bidding on the best keywords or risk getting little return for your marketing dollar.

Plus, Google has one of the worst support structures you are going to find anywhere. It also has built a reputation for being hostile toward affiliate marketers. Google has been known to ban accounts suddenly and without explanation. And they are so big, they can get away with it!

Alternatives to Google AdWords

But Google isn’t the only game in town. For many marketers, Bing and Yahoo offer better alternatives.

While between the two, Bing and Yahoo only account for 29.2% of the search engine marketplace, that’s 29% of billions of online users. And both are not only affiliate friendly, but provide better service.

Best of all, while your competitors are spending a fortune bidding on the best keywords on Google, you can quietly but effectively promote your offers on Bing and Yahoo without overspending on the best keywords.

Less Expensive Paid Methods

Two other little-used but highly effective paid methods are Facebook Ads and solo ads.

Even though Facebook seems to share Google’s contempt for affiliate marketers, its ad program is worth considering because of its ability to provide extremely targeted demographic and psychographic information so you can tailor your offers not only on things like age, gender and geographic location, but also on likes and dislikes, interests and preferences.

The biggest benefit of solo ads is the price. Your budget go much farther using solo ads as compared to working with a bigger, more expensive marketing platform. And your ads are seen only by people who already have proven to be passionate about your niche.

Secret Free Traffic Methods

Right now, social approval signals are the top measure of site ranking. But creating back links to your web pages from high authority sites still can influence your page’s rankings.

Search engines consider authority sites to be anyplace web users go when they are searching for answers to niche-related questions. They include such site as,,, Yahoo Answers, and so on. Sites with the suffix .gov and .edu also are considered authority sites by the search engines.

Creating Links from Authoritative Sites

Here’s a fast, easy way to create links to your pages from authoritative sites:

  1. Go to any of these sites
  2. Create an article or comment on an existing post
  3. Leave a link to your pages in the About the Author box

When readers follow that link back to your page, you have a new high-target prospect and your page ranking will improve at the same time.

When you use these traffic generating secrets, you don’t have to spend a fortune promoting your offers or attracting new visitors to your web pages.

If you’d like more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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Why you need a Business Plan

Published on April 5, 2015 by in Blogging Success

If you are seeking to open a new business – either online or in the real world – and you don’t have the capital, you will need to seek help from institutional or individual investors. And the first thing they are going to want to see before they invest a dime in your business is your business plan.

What Is a Business Plan?

The business plan serves two essential functions:

  1. It provides a blueprint that you can use to build your business
  2. The business plan explains to investors why your business will be financially successful

What investors want to see is a business plan that presents a model of what your business will look like from its very beginning until it is operating at full capacity. Your business plan should include realistic, attainable objectives. If it includes unrealistic revenue forecasts or is built on a swampy foundation, your business plan won’t fly.

Benefits of a Business Plan

Even if you are going to be your business’ only employee and work out of your home, you still need a business plan. That’s because your business needs a map that leads it where you want it to go.

Although your business plan should be as detailed as possible, the larger and more complicated your business will be, the more detail your business plan will need to include.

You will need to rely on your business plan and reference it frequently both before and after you launch your business, so it’s absolutely necessary that you have everything in place as much as possible from the beginning.

Elements of a Business Plan

Successful business plans have five elements:

Background Information – How and why are you creating this business? Here you will include general information such as what types of products and/or services you will be selling.

Marketing Plan – Explain what type of marketing you plan to use to promote your business, such as paid advertising, social media marketing and direct marketing.

Operational Plan – Indicate how your business will function. Include hours of operation, estimated number of employees, location, and any other relevant operational data.

Financial Plan – This may be the most important part. You need to explain your financial goals and a detailed account of your estimated costs, including payroll, rent, overhead, supplies, raw materials and any other expenditure.

Decision-Making Criteria – In this section, indicate what types of things you are going to consider before moving forward with the plan.

Every business plan is different. There’s not one single template you can use and simply fill in the specific details of your business proposal. When developing your plan, present the information so that anybody can use it as a tool to decide whether or not to proceed with the business.

Getting Help with Your Business Plan

If you have a partner, they ca n assist you in developing your business plan. Others who can help you include your accountant, if you have one. In most cases, CPAs have enough experience to identify glaring errors so you can correct them before showing it to anybody else.

Your next stop should be trusted professionals in the same field as yours. While you may not want to hand your business plan to somebody you will be competing against directly, if you have a friend, a former business school professor you are still close with, or a mentor who can give you genuine, helpful advice, see if they would be willing to take a look at your business plan.

When you have as much feedback as you need and have made the necessary changes to your plan so it is as accurate and realistic as possible, you can use it to attract investors. When you present to investors or apply for a business loan, your business plan will serve as the centerpiece of your pitch.

If you’d like more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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Social Media Mistakes You Could be Making

Avoid these Mistakes when using Social media

Social media has exploded over the past 4 years. Businesses, large and small, are integrating social media marketing campaigns into their marketing plans. The ones who truly understand the purpose of social media are reaping the rewards while those who are just following the herd are having trouble justifying their time and money spent on social media marketing.

Often business owners think that Social media is a free ride but you do have to have a decent strategy and avoid these mistakes if social media is to become a successful strategy for you.

there are 5 really important things you need to remember when you are using Social media

These are

  • Be Authentic
  • Be Consistent
  • Be Patient


Another thing to remember is that this is a marathon not a sprint. Do not expect success overnight

social media buttons

what not to do on social media

Other mistakes include

Not having a plan or strategy

It is important to know what you want your Social Media posts to achieve. You must have a plan and a strategy and you also must have great content to post. People do not want you to sell to them all the time. They want you to listen to them and they want to read things that are going to help them solve their problems. A planned approach will achieve way more than random posts that are shot out with nothing in common and just blatant BUY MY STUFF


Expecting Results from doing nothing

If you are just randomly posting every so often and expecting results you will be very disappointed.  People on social media are there to be social. They want to be listened to they want to be answered.

Without regular planned posting you may be hearing crickets and getting little to no engagement

People flock to social media sites to have interesting conversations, learn from authoritative people and get inside access that they would not otherwise have offline. By limiting your involvement in social media to a pathetic once a month / week schedule, you are drastically reducing the possibilities of prospects being able to find and engage you.


Always Talking about yourself

This is a biggie. If you continually talk about yourself and your products people are going to get sick of that real quick and will be finding other people who are more interesting

You  need to talk less and listen more. Social media is all about making connections and, just like in the real (rather than virtual) world, people will be more drawn to you if you actually listen to what they’re saying than if you try to force your message upon them

People want to follow others who are givers, not takers. They are looking for interesting content. If you are able to deliver that to them consistently and effectively, then you are passively corralling these people to become loyal followers of you. Down the road this makes it easier for you to eventually talk about how your products or services can benefit someone as they will be much more captive at that point.


Caring More about making a sale rather than making a connection

It is natural for you to want to make a return on investment on your social media strategy but many people make a very common, and enormous mistake, when using social networks for marketing. If you want to lose all of your followers and prevent new people from listening to you in the future in the quickest way possible, then all you have to do is try to sell your product / service through every tweet, status update or blog post you publish.

First connect with your followers as sales come as a bi-product of these connections and should always be attained passively. People DO NOT want to get bombarded with sales pitches and updates about how great your product is over someone else’s. They want and need to connect with you first, trust you second and listen to you consistently after that. Once you have established these things, then sales will come naturally.


Not responding to Your Followers

Your followers will ask you questions on your social media profiles and you really should be there to answer them.  Be transparent and let them know that you are there when they have questions. If you make mistakes make sure you acknowledge them and be upfront. If you have complaints deal with them and try to make things right.

Do not air your frustrations and rant on Social media it is unprofessional and you will lose more followers than you gain.

Also make sure you are staying in touch with your followers not only when you want them to take action but to help them if they have problems. Social media is a two way marketing medium


Not Separating your personal posts from your business Posts


It is imperative that you keep your personal posts on yur personal profile and keep your business pages for professional business posts. You may have some followers that are also your friends but they will see your personal posts where they should.


Getting On Social Media just because everybody else is

This goes back to the planning. Do not just jump into social media because everybody else is on there.  It does not take long to lose followers but if you have a very clear plan it will be easy to keep them engaged and wanting to hear more from you when you post.

Give it the same planning, investigation, research and forethought you give any other new endeavour for your business, and you’ll reap the commensurate rewards. Treat it casually and you’ll get ‘casual’ results (or worse, reputational/brand damage)

Remember Social media marketing is about building relationships


Keep these in mind whenever you are posting on Social media and you will soon be building a tribe of highly engaged followers that will pay you handsomely for your efforts

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Free Viral Traffic Scams

Published on March 10, 2015 by in Direct Selling


Free Viral Traffic Scams

Most Free Viral Traffic Scams are unworkable or just feed your emails to a list that someone will try to sell you crap – and of course you will be stuck promoting other people’s product(s) first before you see any real traffic or forced to “upgrade” to the paid version to make it work.

I have seen this variation in all kinds of marketing. In general you are told your URL will go viral and you add your website to a list of say 5 other people who have done the same. Now go somewhere and send this to some people and they will do the same causing your ad / URL to be seen by millions . . .

exhausted man

This seems probable and the math makes sense; but the real issue here is human nature – the focus of this tool is supposed to be to get people to look at your site. The problem is just like the traffic exchange, or FFA page issue; NOBODY cares about you or your business unless you give them a really good reason to do so and they only care about their success, thus there is no motivation to seriously consider visiting your site and using your offer!

So again this fails miserably as people are only concerned with themselves and do not care about your success. The best viral traffic offers that seem to have some promise always include a what’s in it for me aspect but it is the ORIGINATOR of this program that gets the real traffic benefit not the people who add their and push this to other people.

Again you need to be the CREATOR of a viral traffic idea and make part of this page dedicated to something you know these people can benefit immediately from or this will not work.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

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What is Product Licensing and is it worth the Cost

moneybag man

Product licensing is the easiest and fastest way to ensure success online Quite often, product licensing is often overlooked by the majority of online money seekers. It almost seems like people don’t approach internet marketing with the same mindset as offline business owners approach their businesses.  A lot of big name marketers like Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, and many more have been using the concepts of product licensing to further their businesses for years. Product licensing is simply, taking products created by someone else’s brand and selling them yourself. All you need to do is buy the licensing rights to the product and drive traffic to the ads the product owners have created and tested for you. Usually the products you can buy licensing rights for are high ticket items that can earn you 90-100% commission per sale (usually minus some sort of merchant fee). These products can earn you anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or more for every sale you generate. Most of the time  buying licensing rights to products like this is usually more expensive than the cost of the product itself. Some marketers pay upwards of $3,000 for licensing rights to high ticket products The reason they  spend so much is  because it works!

If you were to develop your own Sales funnel filled with high quality products it would take considerable time and money to undertake rigorous testing, tweaking, and establishing a loyal customer base You would also have to tap into the resources of a well-known and established brand name in the same category as you to ensure you meet the expected standards of the consumers. Being a product Creator can put you in a steady cycle of having to come up with new products and launches which takes quite a lot of effort and much trial and error. Product licensing does often require a significant investment, but it can procure dividends thaexhausted mant far outweigh the initial costs and fees. By Aligning yourself with a successful brand or product is not only a smart decision but it can also ensure your success. If you bought a franchise with a major brand like McDonalds or Subway you would be given all the ingredients necessary to accomplish success.  If you license a high quality product that has been proven to convert all you need to do is provide advertising to get people to see this product. A lot of the time Licensed products also supply follow up for your leads so your job is done once the lead hits the front of the sales funnel.

Why would you want to spend time doing research for a new product and the creating the product. Once your product is created you then have to pay big dollars to get a high converting sales page written and then create products for your upsells, downsells cross- sells plus copywriting for these too. Ok so now your product is ready now you have to go out there and recruit affiliates and JV partners to help you promote and then you have to give them 50% of the sale. Phew seems like a lot of hard work to me

If you have looked at the path of product creation and thought it was way beyond you but you really want to provide a quality product then perhaps you could take a look at product Licensing. Two Marketers that offer licensing rights for their Products are Matt LLoyd ( My Online Business Empire, MOBE)  and Dean Holland (ipro Partner)

matt lloyd headshot

Matt LLoyd first started Internet marketing at the age of 22 but had a load of failures and then he developed his Online Business Empire product and is now earning 8 figures. He has am army of affiliates and partners with 3 of is partners selling over $1million in sales. Matt is always striving to improve his products as he knows that if he gives his affiliates and partners tools to succedd he will also benefit. Some of the students success stories can be seen heresports merc

Matt also has a very good Incentive for his affiliates who do well. They can now choose the car of their dreams which can be obtained after a certain number of sales. Take a look here at this video  and tell me it does not get you motivated to get that car you always wanted



Matt is also always working on ways to get leads into the funnel and has started a series of videos where he answers his customers questions. These videos are gold and there is always something to learn. You do not even need to be a Mobe member to subscribe to these. Watch some of them here

Matt Lloyd also does numerous Live events and pays his partners and affiliates very well to get people to these events. You can also earn points to go towards your car.

Matt Lloyd is a super smart guy and i am proud to be a Mobe License Rights Partner. If you would like to start your Journey in this top shelf company and start earning Big Commissions and maybe even get that car you always wanted you need to start here

sign up fancy


dean Holland Dean Holland has only had his Ipro Partner program running for 2 years but already has partners making a very decent Income. Dean Holland has a story that anyone who has done any Internet Marketing can relate to. He was moving on into the broke zone when he undertook coaching from Alex Jeffreys. Since then his life turned around and now he is still working hard but more to ensure all his partners have success. I really like Deans ipro program. We have a team webinar every week and the training and products are excellent. Dean also has Live workshops in the United Kingdom and has started building a great team who are always ready to jump on skype and help you through a problem.


Deans starter program is just $19.95 but the value in this is HUGE. You would expect to pay 4 figures for the depth of information in this product. It is easy to follow along and allows you to take small steps. Advanced marketers will also get value from this product.

Dean has a whole system set up so once his partners drive traffic into the funnel he has a autoresponder series and also high converting webinars that your prospects get to attend. This funnel is very high converting and Dean and his team are always adding value. I have noticed a steady increase in the commissions I have been able to generate since I first began promoting this product 18 months ago.

If you would like to watch Deans Sales video you can follow this link here

internet profitsSo there you have it.

You can start making your own products and finding affiliates to promote them or you can buy a license to use these very top class High Converting sales funnels and just concentrate on sending some quality traffic and getting a nice cheque when you make sales.






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My New Year Head Slapping Moment

head slap


Ok so I had big plans for 2015 and then I listened to the latest Webinar from Dean Holland.

2015 was going to be the year that I was going to be a product creator and pump out at least 3 products before March

I have a couple of them half done and was about to get started on the sales page.

For those of you who have been following me for a while you will probably know that I suffer from a bit of

Shiny object syndrome and also FOMO (fear of missing out). So I always have a lot going on and not of it makes me money.

I partnered with Dean Holland last year and have made some money from his program IPRO and every week Dean has a webinar

I had missed a few of them but finally got to plug myself in to hear his first one for 2015.

Of course he pepped us all up and you know what I like about Dean? He has a great vision and he is always improving

his program and adding value so that we as affiliates, have the best chance of success.

So off I went and searched out his program. Dug deep and found the login details to my back office.

Guess what? Go on have a little guess. There were commissions in there for this month.

I had received a notification about an order form being filled out but to my surprise this person had upgraded.

So what do you think my plan of action will be now?

Dean mentioned in the webinar that his business model before creating Ipro was creating products which although

lucrative was very hard to sustain. He has set us all a goal that by the end of 2015 we should be generating him $20,000 per day

We as partners have some work to do. But you know what being in Ipro is all about getting traffic to Deans Funnel and we do that by selling one of the Top Internet Business System Setups that only 1/2 % of the world famous gurus use. Even better the cost to access this is so affordable at just $19.95. This product is called the Big Commission Blueprint and is a series of videos that will take you from Newbie to advanced marketer. I have access to this as well as all Deans other products.

So Note to self


Find  One Course Until Successful

Here I am sitting on a virtual Goldmine with access to one of the highest Commission structures and highest converting sales funnel and I want to ignore this and spend time creating products of my own. I have access to  a team of people who will call my leads. I do not even have to jump on the phone. Seriously If I spend as much time promoting and tracking and concentrating just on this one thing can you imagine the results that await me.

I will be putting a lot of Effort into promoting Dean Hollands Program in 2015 as I know and believe he has a

goal to help as many people succeed as he can and he has recruited me to be one of his partners, something I am rather proud to be as i too like to help people succeed

If you would like to join Big Commission Blueprint then Follow this link

big commission blueprint banner





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How to write Swipe email for your Solo Ads

Everyone knows that solo ads are one of the easiest and quickest ways to get traffic to a lead capture page so that you can build your list as an internet marketer.

But ad copy is the difference between a successful solo ad and a complete ad. It is important to understand how to write solo ads.

And make sure to have a high ticket backend sales funnel for the BIG money, which is what I do.

Here is how to write a solo ad:

* Exciting Solo Ads Headline – The key with writing solo ad copy is to get as many clicks as possible, so the first step is to actually get your email opened! A good way to create an eye catching headline is to give a time period for when results can be expected. For example “How To Earn $150 A Day In 60 Days” etc. If you have a free gift to offer then you can also use the word “free” in the title which often helps.

* Short Ad Copy - Now that you have got your solo ad opened the next step is to ge the click. So keep it short and sweet. I would provide a short opening paragraph and then your link and then another short sentence and then the link again. Actually say “click here” in the link to encourage clicks.

* Congruent Ads - It is important that you solo ad heading matches your solo ad body and matches your squeeze page heading and matches the offer you present after the squeeze page. If this all matches up then conversions will be higher and you will be able to make back most of your ad expenditure quite quickly.

Next time you send a solo ad follow these tips and you should see some success

It is essential to not just promote one low ticket item with solo ads.

You need to have a proven sales funnel with a high ticket backend.



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